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7 REASONS to bring The Power Team
                 to Your CHURCH & CITY!

1. The Power Team crusade is a great idea for a revival meeting or an evangelistic crusade to draw your community into your church.

Bike The Power Team program is a 90-minute illustrative sermon-type program that will inspire your church as well as build their faith so we can reach your city for Christ.


During each nightly meeting, three to six evangelists (Power Team members) present a program of feats of strength set to upbeat Christian music. These feats of strength are utilized carefully throughout the service to illustrate Biblical truths. Power Team members share relevant, heart-stirring testimonies along with a 20-minute Bible-based evangelistic message and a clear-cut altar call to accept Jesus Christ. The testimonials not only stir the hearts of the lost, but also inspire the hearts of Christians to move into a deeper walk of faith. Each night of the crusade is unique with varying themes, messages, feats of strength, and a variety of speakers.

2. The Power Team crusade will energize your church! Your church will be transformed as members become spiritually energized from seeing huge numbers of people saved, particularly among their friends, neighbors, and loved-ones.

A new sense of unity will also develop from the "pulling-together" in a New Testament way. The Power Team crusade will motivate and integrate every member of your church through team building strategies. Your church participates in a number of activities ranging from prayer, hosting and/or feeding Power Team members, stage set-up/security, promotion or simply inviting friends and family members. Almost every pastor tells us that it's been worth having the crusade... even before it starts... because of how the people have pulled together for the common cause of souls.


father and sonChurches typically average 15 to 25% growth within two weeks following a Power Team crusade and continue to see accelerated growth for up to 18 months with the help of our unique follow-up programs. Every Year, several churches double in attendance within 30 days of hosting an Power Teamcrusade. Imagine, your church could actually double from having The Power Team crusade! In general, all churches have experienced some growth, and on average, increased their church income over 20% after hosting an crusade.

As your church utilizes our effective follow-up strategies outlined in our manual, combined with our exciting promotional tools, your entire church will become motivated and involved in your crusade. ...IMAGINE!... in 5 nights you can win the heart of your community, touch every family and see hundreds of people accept Christ at your church altars!

3. Your church will win the heart of your community. Our school assembly program, developed over the past 30 years, has been the NUMBER ONE RANKED SCHOOL ASSEMBLY program for almost 15 years.

The advantage of a Power Team crusade over the typical church evangelistic crusade is that the un-churched are drawn in by the strong recognition of The Power Team name. You can expect substantially larger attendance from un-churched and un-reached populations in your community due to the popularity and wide visibility The Power Team has gained on television. It is a wonderful evangelistic tool for the local church to partner with us in order to draw crowds to your facility, see them saved and ultimately, plugged into your local church.

Fifty-seven pro-baseball players from the DETROIT TIGERS and the CINCINNATI REDS accepted Christ in a crusade in Florida. Several of the DALLAS COWBOYS walked forward, making a stand for Christ, in a crusade in Dallas. Several times this year we have seen entire football teams accept Christ. CHUCK NORRIS and his entire family now follow Christ after seeing a Power Team crusade.

Recently, a police officer commented to us following a crusade that some of the very men who had walked forward to receive Christ were men that he had been putting in jail. In Belle Glade, Florida, a businessman who owned the largest video store in town accepted Christ. He had a backroom for X-rated videos, but the morning after he got saved; he padlocked that room, never to be opened again.

Our crusades radically change a community. We've seen many politicians accept Christ, and we now have endorsements from over 100 governors and senators because of the appreciation for what we are doing in the schools. Many civic leaders including mayors, governors, and others respond from the newspaper and media coverage because of their familiarity with our school assembly. The unique feats of strength and the positive messages have won the hearts of the community and political leaders around the country, who are doing whatever they can do to reach the young people in their schools. Our Power Team crusade will change your community for Christ.

4. When you host a Power Team crusade, you are guaranteed by our leadership and oversight boards that this crusade will be handled in a manner of ministry excellence.

God has anointed The Power Team to be used as a tool to help every member of your church reach their unsaved friends, loved ones, neighbors, and work associates who normally would not come to any church event. As you prayerfully consider hosting a Power Team crusade, you can be confident that our key motivation is to win souls and to be a blessing to the pastor. God has given us an incredible love and appreciation for the local pastor.

We are committed to honor Christ and build the local church through sound doctrine, Biblical ethics, good communication, the establishment of long-term relationships, and maintaining a servant's spirit.

5. The personality of The Power Team will fit any church that has a passion to reach their city for Christ.

Some pastors, before seeing or hearing about The Power Team, believe that this may be controversial to some of their more traditional members. After hosting The Power Team they find just the opposite. The number one comment we hear from pastors is, "I was prepared for some post-PR damage because of the uniqueness of this crusade, but in reality, I did not hear one negative comment from anyone of the thousands of people who went through our church. In fact, the very ones we thought would be skeptical have been the most thankful and excited about having the Power Team." Often, we hear from pastors, "The Power Team crusade is not a far-out approach, it is an up-to-date evangelistic approach to reach families." We also fit well within churches that are cell-based or trained in the purpose-driven formats.

6. The Power Team crusade is extremely cost effective. In a recent church survey, it was noted that the average church spends $15,000 per new convert and takes 75 church members to win only one person to Christ.

For every $10 a church spends in a Power Team crusade, we see someone accept Christ. We average 2-3 out of every 10 who come to a crusade accepting Christ. With the enthusiastic support from leaders across America and our political endorsement letters, you'll have no problem gaining tremendous community support and sponsorships.

7. The Power Team staff will provide you with everything you need and guide you every step of the way.

The Power Team office staff will work together with your team to answer all your questions and provide you with a game plan throughout the crusade. In addition, our "A to Z" Crusade Manual will help you step-by-step as a countdown of what to do in both preparing your church and in partnership with your community.

We also provide promotional tools that include beautiful full-color posters, banners and flyers of The Power Team, as well as a fantastic door-hangers. We have billboards, commercials, photographs, and press releases that will help you capture the attention of your community.

With our school endorsements and promotional video, you will be equipped to target every school in your community. Generally the budget from the school systems and local businesses cover the sponsorship costs for The Power Team school assemblies. If school is not in session, consider offering a crusade to spiritually re-ignite your own congregation.


Catch the wave of spiritual momentum, impact your city and experience fresh growth.